Richthofen's Diary

Chapter 2

Ugh...awake again...but that is only the first hurdle of the day.

Standing up...going to bathroom..."Light"...opening eyes „Uh!" Really hard this morning. Hmmm....hehe...looking in the mirror and wondering if the thin grey staring mask is really my own reflection...or just a...hehe...a shape-shifter hiding behind the mirror spotting out everything I do...hehe...just like good old Fluffy! ...Yeah good old Fluffy...damn thing was one of this shape-shifter spies (SS), a sort of metamorphic species which is trained by the Rebs to investigate...Fast Biologic Investigation program (FBI)...or what the hell has it done here?

Pfff....Honestly...I don’t even know exactly and....I don’t even care about it, because filling your mind with thoughts which didn’t turn around the war, the fight, the a waste of time...more...worse...finally it could cost your life. In the end my thoughts always return to the same things every day, every hour, minute and every damned second of my whole existence: ‚How many of them will I kill next time? Will I make it back to the Frigate? In addition, will the Alliance survive?

Three little questions...not much to fill a man’s brain!

I could not even imagine how much time has passed by, but the calendar still shows the same it could not have been as much as it feel like!

Meanwhile many things have changed...but...hehe...everything stayed the same...hehe...will it be...until the end...?

Ok, ok ...Stele is now LtC and our SL, Flamestrike is Ltn and advanced to XO Position. Kurtje is Ltn too and my FL now and SF Mavaric has also received his well deserved he is now FL of FG 3 and his rank is LtC.…huh...jeez...goes fast in my opinion...everything is going faster now!

There were some more promos around here: Rookie is SP now, Chris007 is FO and Damage a CP. Btw I have made it to a Chief Pilot too. Who ever know why?


Well Shadow Warrior left us for the Command of Falcon...he called it: ‚Chasing for new challenge!' ...Well I would call it...

Then my FL Nunoteixeira: a great warrior, a great officer, and a great Friend! At least I‘ve thought so. Fresh promoted Ltn Nunoteixeira giving his live to protect his Flightgroup! Jeez how wrong we have all been? None of us would have ever expected that he would desert us and sign up to the enemy troops. Ohhh I would kill him if I was able to...and I think all others in TFA agree with this point.

Well..."CP Richthofen"...but what does this mean? I think it just means a bit more credit to support my ‚Psychosis‘...sounds funny eh? It is the short form of ‚Psychotic caused alcoholism‘...well, this doesn’t sound funny, does it? Anyway, I hide it as good as I can, because they would never let me fly until I would be through this.

Attention! There is some work to be done.

Brushing teeth...shaving...washing hands, face... and neck...getting dressed...combing hair...DONE!

Just taking a last look at the shape shifter behind the mirror and then...leaving quarter...walking to cantina...standing in front of the cantina door...taking a deep breath and....Enter while yelling:

"Goooooood Morning Phoenix! I hope you all agree with me that this is a wonderful morning...really wonderful to kill some stinking rebels! Btw....CANTINA ANDROID!" "Yes Sir?" „I would like two or three of the Rebs on toast for tomorrow’s breakfast, understand?'

Everybody is laughing with me...everybody...except the thing behind the mirror.

To Be Continued…

Author: CP Richthofen

Editor: SF Mavaric

The Author and Editor have done their best to ensure the accuracy and currency of all information in Richthofen's Diary. All information is current to 7/4/99 and we can accept no responsibility for any loss or inconvenience sustained by any reader as a result of its information or advice.