Welcome to
Senior Pilot
Taloo´s Private Quarters

<bgsound src="http://www.darkjedi.org/pics/bios/midi/hothbattle.mid" loop="infinite"> Aahhh, welcome to my quarter. I´m very pleased to see you, take a seat. Ok now I´ll begin to tell you my story. The whole thing started on my home planet Bortras. I grew up with a normal life, like other kids, but one day changed my life. It was a normal day, and my mom and dad didn´t go to work that day. I said goodbye and left our flat. I was on my way to school, when a building to my right blew up, I could feel the heat from the explosion and I felt and landed on the ground. I looked around and saw that people were running around and looking up while I just lay there. Then I looked up and I saw two Calamari Cruisers. They began to bomb the city, I came back on my feet and started to run. I thought that if I only could get out of the city and into the forest I would be safe, but suddenly I remembered that my parents were at home.

So I stopped and began to run home, to get them out the building and into the forrest with me. When I reached the building with our flat, I stopped and stood shocked over what I saw. The whole building was gone, it was totaly destroyed. I looked at the two Calamari Cruisers again and I screamed in anger that I would get my revenge on them. I began to run out of the city, I just came out and saw the forrest, it was about 500 meters away. I ran the fastest I could and as soon as I was in the forrest, I turned around and saw that the city was gone. Only burning buildings and ruines were left. I saw the two Calamari Cruiser leave the planet. I was angry and started to walk to the nearest city.

After three days, without food, I reached the city and rushed to the nearest hospital. After I had enough rest and sleep, I told them about what happened to the city I used to live in. I was send to my uncle who was an Officer in the Imperial Navy. So there I was, living with my uncle and my parents being dead. After two weeks of living with him, I asked him what it took to be a pilot in the Imperial Navy. He told me that I had to join the Flightschool, so that´s what I did. I studied very hard to become a pilot and there I met Laura, David and Nick. They were very nice, and we had a great time together. We all passed our exams to our great happiness. Soon thereafter we got our assignment letter. We managed to get in the same squadron. Our first mission was hard but we made it all. One of the hardest parts was that we had to attack a rebel convoy with our command ship. The convoy had a heavy escort, but we all made it safely.

We were send out to an outpost where we should patrol the whole day, nothing much happened, but one day, all of a sudden two squadrons of X-wings showed up out of hyperspace. We were flying T/I´s. Our Flight Leader called for backup, but no backup came to aid us against the rebels. We flew like hell because we were outnumbered. I got one, and said "one rebel scum down", suddenly I heard David´s voice in the headphones. He screamed "I can´t shake him off, please help me!!!", I tryed to turn around and save him, but to late, I heard him scream and saw his T/I blew up. Laura was chasing an X-wing, but I saw another X-wing was just behind her, and screamed, "Laura try shake that X-wing off, I´ll try to get him". She tried as hard as she could, but I was too slow to get behind the X-wing. I saw that her craft blow up, when I pulled the trigger and the X-wing became space dust.

I found a new target and saw Nick being blewn up and disappear in an explosion. I chased the X-wing who shot Nick and got him, but my craft began to shake, I looked out of the window and saw that I was hit in the side. My craft was out of control and I began to spin, so I only had two choices: eject or ending up as space dust like the others. When I ejected, I was knocked unconsious. When I woke up in my little escapepod an looked out of the window, I saw an Imperial Stardestroyer. They used the tractorbeam and got me in, I was checked for injuries, and got a quarter, where I rested. Few days after they found me, I got a new assignment letter telling me that I was send to the Phoenix Squadron, one of the best squadrons in the Imperial Navy. I won´t tell you more as you know how things went from then on, but I really want to hear your story.